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JAPOW and back again

It has been a crazy trip to Japan and before I knew it, we are back on a plane again heading home.  I went over there with a solid crew including Chris Benchetler, Daron Rahlves, Dana Flahr, Greg Epstein, and Dan Gibeau.  Dan and Greg are both filmers for TGR.  We had originally planned to go to Austria but miserable snow conditions led to a last-minute change of plans to Hokkaido, Japan.  I was pumped as I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and we had been hearing reports of epic snow from various sources.  We also had the ultimate hook-up from Clayton, owner of the Black Diamond Lodge near Niseko Village.  He went to great lengths to show us the goods throughout Hokkaido.  The Green Leaf resort in Niseko was bad-ass and they hooked us up big-time with some killer room deals.  Despite all the claims of epic powder, and the amazing January Hokkaido had, we found ourselves doing a large amount of storm chasing and snow searching.  Ultimately, the trip fizzled due to limited snow and warm weather.  Despite our struggles to find the snow it was amazing to be in Japan and the cultural elements more than made up for the less than ideal conditions.  More on this trip to come but for now check out a few shots from the beginning of the adventure.   -Mark


Fermented Beans...tasty

the revolving sushi counter-epic

Daron Rahlves drops in on the Japanese coast

downtown Sapporo

Dana Flahr in downtown Sapporo

Night Skiing in Niseko

What's left of the van window

Clayton shreds some pow

Huffington Post Article

We’re in the midst of an artic chill here in the Tetons.  Winter shooting is in full swing at the moment.  Check out this image from a recent shoot I did for Light and Motion.  Light and Motion is a company based out of Monterey, California and they produce some of the hottest new headlamps on the market.  This headlamp, featured in this photo, pumps out 1400 lumens and is very impressive to say the least.  This shot was all natural light with a 2 second exposure. 


On another note, Author Steven Crandell just wrote up a really nice piece on my work for the Huffington Post.

Check it out:

More images to come and happy Groundhog Day!

Annenberg Lecture in action

It was a whirlwind trip to LA last week for my presentation at the Annenberg Space for Photography.  I was nervous before the event but it went super well and I had a ton of fun.  It was a sold out show with standing room only and the audience was pumped.   It was a great honor to present at such a beautiful and well-known venue, and to present amongst so many distinguished photographers that have already presented this winter, or will be presenting in the coming weeks.  In a week or two my entire presentation will be live on the Annenberg Space for Photography website.  Here are a few images from the presentation. 


All images generously provided by Unique Nicole,

The Annenberg Space for Photography “Extreme Exposure” Lecture

I’ve been invited by the Annenberg Space for Photography to give a lecture this Thursday, January 6th.  The Annenberg Space is an incredible photography center located in Los Angeles.  I’m honored and humbled by this lecture opportunity.  Check out the link below for more details on the presentation.  If you happen to live in LA or be in the area, tickets are free and it’d be great to see you at the show.


Cover of Skiing Interactive Issue 63.03

I’ve had the good fortune of working with Skiing for a number of years and I’m really stoked about this cover.  It was shot during an awesome day last winter outside the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort gates in a place called the North Shore.  I was working with TGR that day and the athletes were Cody Townsend, Seth Morrison, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Erik Roner, and Todd Ligare.  All the boys slayed it that day but this shot of Roner was one of my favorites.  He skied it super well and it was a really aesthetic line.

This year has been an interesting one for Skiing magazine.  As with many magazines, they’re trying to find their identity in the rapidly evolving editorial world.  This winter they dropped their print edition count to two total issues and added something called Skiing Interactive.  It’s an all-digital version complete with video and stills, not to mention interactive ads and links.  A lot of magazines are moving digital for numerous reasons such as cost, circulation, declining ad revenues, and the iPad just to name a few.  Some have been more successful than others in this transition.  I’m a believer that editorial is moving digital and what will remain from print editions are fewer issues and really well-done, high-quality printed quarterlies.  Skiing’s version is pretty slick although it still needs some refinement.  For instance, it loads really slow so you need to download it before you read it.  As the editorial world is evolves, so does my job.  Video is standard and just as the mags have to adapt, so do I.  A year ago the transition was daunting.  Now, fully in the multimedia world, I find it really exciting.  In just a short while I’ll be releasing my first video project from my expedition to Shishapangma this past fall.  I’m REALLY stoked with how the video turned out so stay tuned for the release.  For now, check out what Skiing interactive is all about and enjoy the issue.

Guest Photographer: Aperture Jackson Hole and GYE

Lately there have been a lot of awesome developments in the local Jackson photographer’s scene.  An intrepid Scotsman, Hamish Tear, launched a new blog titled:  Aperture Jackson Hole and GYE.  It’s a great blog with a local focus on Photographers, Photography, and everything in between.  Here’s the mission statement:  “Aperture Jackson Hole and GYE is a photo discussion and photography news blog for its titled area. Photographers in the Jackson Hole /Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and those who visit, are invited to share images and discussions about those images.  The format is open to suggestion: A travel section will be introduced; Professional photographers are featured as guests; a local photography calendar will be kept.   Any items of photo news are welcome.”  The blog is great, check it out:   In addition to this blog, there is a newly formed Teton Photographer’s Association, or TPA.  It’s mission is to create a network of local photographers in the Jackson area.  Thus far we’ve had a few meetings and the ball is rolling.  It’s exciting to be better connected with local photographers of various disciplines.

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Hamish, the writer, photographer, and creator of “Aperture Jackson Hole.”  Hamish is an amazing individual, writer, and photographer.  He’s had an incredible life of climbing, sailing, writing, adventuring and travel.  In short, his life is full of the kind of adventures we all dream of, and are scared of at the same time.  I really hope Hamish writes a book on his adventures some day!  Without giving away any of his stories, trust me when I say they’re incredible.

On to the blog… Hamish wrote a really flattering article on me and my business.  As with all interviews, it’s scary to talk to a writer and have NO idea what will eventually be written, and invariably it always has a bit different twist than one would expect.   If you happen to read the article, one clarification is that I don’t actually use my 7D that much.  Although I do use it, my “go to” camera is the 5D Mark II.  I also shoot regularly with the Canon 1D Mark IV.  The 5D’s video capabilities and image quality are unparalleled.  The 7D has some nice video features like 60fps and a motor drive that delivers 8fps for action, but the image quality isn’t that of the 5D.  The 1D Mark IV is real nice, just a little on the heavy side.  I actually like the 1.3 crop for a lot of situations.

Anyways, if you want, check out the article in “Aperture Jackson Hole and GYE.”  Also be sure to check out Hamish’s blog in general; it’s great.  Thanks again for the nice article, Hamish, and for the effort that went into creating it!

Dropping In

After many, many years of avoiding the world of blogging, I’m dropping in.  As with most things in my life, this blog will be work in progress. I’m a photographer by passion first and profession second.  I’m lucky.  This blog’s purpose will be to highlight both.

For now enjoy my web gallery I just posted on ESPN Freeskiing.










It’s been a crazy year.  Stay tuned for some recaps on my past year as well as regular updates from this winter.


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